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How to Manually Create a Kit in Packiyo
How to Manually Create a Kit in Packiyo

If you have flash sales or promotions and want to sell your products in bundles you can do that in Packiyo by creating KITs.

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This article will describe how you can create Kits and organize your products in bundles. Follow the steps below to know how.

NOTE: Remember that you will need a Master SKU containing the Kit components. Let's work with the example of the chocolate bar box below.

  1. Go to Inventory β†’ Products, and click Create Product in the top-right corner:

2. As if it were a regular product, you will fill in all the information related to the SKU name, Product Name, Barcode, Price, and dimensions. After that, tap Product Type and select Static Kit.

3. Once Static Kit is selected, a drop-down menu displays below. You can search for the Kit items and include the quantity you desire for each component:

4. Once you have selected all the products you want to be part of the Kit, hit Next (bottom of above image).

5. To finish creating your Kit, complete the information below:

International Orders information

Vendors information

Image Upload

6. Once you tap the Create button, the Kit will be part of your inventory as a brand-new SKU.

Tip: To view or manage the Kits you have created in Packiyo, select 'Manage Kits' in settings (image below):

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