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Creating & Uploading New Products
Creating & Uploading New Products

Packiyo makes it really easy to create new products directly in the WMS for any products that are not available in any connected channel.

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Packiyo can only process orders that have matching SKUs in the inventory system.

Products are unique items managed in the Packiyo Inventory section. Each product comes with various details and settings, including its SKU, barcode, whether it's a Kit (or Bundle), dimensions, storage locations, and more.

How to Add New Products in Packiyo

There are several ways to add new products in Packiyo:

  • Create a product in any connected sales channel. Packiyo will sync and create them automatically in the WMS.

  • Upload new products via a CSV file.

  • Create a new product directly in the Packiyo Inventory section.

Products Created In a Connected Sales Channel

Packiyo continuously monitors each connected sales channel, like a Shopify store, for products. It automatically creates and synchronizes any products it finds in these connected channels.

Uploading Products using a CSV file

Packiyo provides a simple and fast option for creating products directly via a CSV file. You can upload one or many products at once, and update existing products that are already in the inventory system.

CSV files require product names and SKUs to create new products.

Example product CSV entry

name, sku
Grey Sock, grey-sock

  • To upload a CSV file, using the left menu, click Inventory > Products and then click the upload icon located near the top right of the view.

  • Select the "Import CSV file" button:

  • Select the CSV file you want to upload and then click the "Import" button.

If Packiyo can process the file, the new products will be created (or existing products updated) and the product list refreshes.

Here's a quick video showing the CSV upload for creating a new product:

Create a new product directly in the Packiyo Inventory section.

If you just want to quickly add a new product, you can use the Create Product Feature.

To use this feature, from the left menu, click Inventory, Products and then click the Create Product button at the top right corner of the page.

Here's a quick video showing the Create Product feature.


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