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How to Auto-Fulfill Digital Products with Shopify Stores
How to Auto-Fulfill Digital Products with Shopify Stores

Shopify sells both digital both digital and physical products. This guide shows you how to skip digital products when shipping orders.

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What Are Digital Products?

Shopify provides the ability to sell both physical and digital products. Digital products can be digital downloads, like music or apps. Digital products can also include shipping insurance products such as NavidiumApp or Insureshield.

Skipping Fulfilling Digital Products in Packiyo

You don't need to pick, pack, and ship digital products as they don't physically exist. So we need to make sure these products are ignored (consider them fulfilled already) on any orders.

To make sure digital products don't require fulfillment, you will need to uncheck the setting This is a physical product in the shipping settings for a product. By adjusting this setting, any products that don't require shipping in Shopify will be auto-fulfilled in Packiyo so they don't require picking or shipping.

Steps to Set Digital Products In Shopify

  1. Log in to your Shopify Dashboard.

  2. Select ‘Products,' followed by ‘All Products'

  3. From the ‘Products' page, select the digital product.

  4. Then in the ‘Shipping' section of the product page, uncheck the box next to ‘This is a physical product.’

  5. Finally, select ‘Save.'

Set The Inventory Quantity in Packiyo

Although the products are digital, they will still be loaded in Packiyo as SKUs. Although no fulfillment is required for these products once you change the Shopify settings, you will still need to make sure there's inventory.

It is recommended you set the inventory to 99999 for each digital product, to avoid any backorders on digital products.

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