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Managing Product Locations
Managing Product Locations

Locations help you efficiently manage where products are stored, optimizing storage and picking.

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In a warehouse, product locations are specific spots set aside for storing various items or inventory. They are arranged systematically to make sure storage is efficient, items are easy to find, and space is used well.

Getting to know Location Features in Packiyo WMS

Packiyo includes several features to simplify managing where products are stored:

  • Location Types: Set up different location categories and their behaviors. This helps organize storage areas by their purpose, streamline picking paths, and identify areas for overstock.

  • Location Naming: Create a custom naming system to avoid re-labeling. Packiyo enhances picking efficiency beyond simple alphabetical or numerical sorting.

  • Location Barcodes: Easily print new barcodes for locations, allowing warehouse staff to swiftly scan for inventory checks, counting, and moving items.

  • Pickability: Specify whether items in a location can be picked. This setting can vary based on the location's category and its specific area.

  • Sellability: Decide if inventory in a location is available for sale across your sales channels.

  • Bulk Ship: Identify locations suitable for picking large orders only.

  • Locations Import & Export: Effortlessly bring in location data from other systems or update existing ones in Packiyo. You can also export location info for widespread changes.

Finding Product Locations and Updating Them

There are two quick ways of checking where inventory is located:

  1. Check Locations for a Specific Product: First, go to Left Menu > Inventory > Products, and select the product you're interested in. Then, scroll down to see its storage spots in the Product Locations section.

  2. Browse All Product Locations: For a comprehensive list of where all products are stored, along with the quantities at each location, head to Left Menu > Inventory > Product Locations. Here, you can search, filter, and even handle bulk updates through export and import options.

Here's a quick video overview showing location lookup:

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