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Setting Up Socket Mobile Scanners
Setting Up Socket Mobile Scanners

You can pick, count, and transfer inventory using the Packiyo app on Android & Apple devices. Here's a quick guide to setup socket mobile.

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Before You Begin: The Barcode Scan Sheet

We recommend you print the Barcode Scan Sheet, which contains several barcodes you can scan using the socket mobile device to reset and set the correct operating modes.

Setting Up Your Socket Mobile Scanner for Android

To use a Socket Mobile Scanner with Android devices, you'll need the Socket Mobile Companion app.

Start by printing the Barcode Scan Sheet. It contains barcodes for setting up the scanner in Android mode.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Socket Mobile Companion App from the Google Play Store. Learn more on the Socket Mobile Website.

  2. Open the Socket Mobile Companion App and tap "Add Reader."

  3. Choose Barcode Reader.

  4. If asked to enable location, select "Enable Location" and then "While using the app."

  5. Turn on your Socket Mobile scanner. Scan the "Activate Pairing Mode" barcode shown on your Android screen or the Barcode Scan Sheet.

  6. After hearing 3 beeps from the scanner, tap "Next Step."

  7. Your scanner should appear under "Select Your Reader." Tap on it to connect.

  8. If you get a "Your reader is in keyboard mode" error, scan the Android Mode barcode from the Barcode Scan Sheet to switch modes.

  9. Once connected, the app will display your device.

Now, test the connection:

  • Open the Packiyo App. A green barcode icon with "Active" underneath should appear at the bottom of the screen. If not, close and reopen the app.

You're all set to use your Socket Mobile Scanner with your Android device.

Setting Up Your Socket Mobile Scanner for Apple Devices

Apple devices do not require the Socket Mobile Companion app, we just need to connect the Socket Mobile scanner via Bluetooth.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Prepare by Printing the Barcode Scan Sheet: This sheet has barcodes to help configure your Socket Mobile Scanner for iOS mode.

  2. Reset Your Scanner: Turn on your Socket Mobile Scanner and scan the "Factory Reset" barcode from the Barcode Scan Sheet. The scanner will turn off after the reset.

  3. Turn the Scanner Back On: Power on your scanner again.

  4. Set to iOS Mode: Scan the "Assign App Mode for Apple Devices" barcode on the Barcode Scan Sheet. You should hear three beeps confirming the action.

  5. Pair via Bluetooth:

    • On your Apple device, go to Settings > Bluetooth. You should find the Socket Mobile device listed under available devices.

    • Tap to pair with the Socket Mobile device. It may take 5-20 seconds to connect. Once connected, the Socket Mobile device will appear in the "My Devices" list and its blue light will stay on.'

  6. Launch the Packiyo App: Open the app to check the connection.

  7. Confirm Connection: Look for a green barcode icon with "Active" underneath at the bottom of the screen in the Packiyo App. If it's not visible, try closing and reopening the app.

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